High Def Realty is a locally owned and operated venture started in January 2010 to harness the power and reach of online video sharing technology and apply it to the constantly changing face of Austin real estate sales and marketing. 

And so High Def Realty was born.

We strive for the highest level of professionalism with our video tours. No shaky youtube videos with an annoying narrator or agent "telling" the buyer about the house. We let the camera do the talking and utilize the "show me don't tell me" philosophy of videography. We shoot our own video, do our own editing, and even create the majority of our own music.

**I've always wanted to own my own company and this is most certainly a dream come true. As a bonus, by living my dream I get to help other people realize their dreams of home ownership. Talk about a win/win!**

We hope to set a professional standard that Realtors will come to recognize and appreciate. The internet is the new face of Real Estate and it's important that the public eye is focused on the professionalism that makes the Real Estate Agent an indispensable piece of the Home Sales Puzzle.

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